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The location and architecture of the new Westend Sky building ensure a high level of convenience and independence. This is because Westend Sky offers various options for individual use in addition to the possibility of having a presence in Frankfurt. Flexible options for use can be implemented on a surface area of up to 1,396 sqm per floor.

Staffed Lobby Staffed Lobby
Public Restaurant Public Restaurant
Conference Rooms Conference Rooms
Panoramic Views Panoramic Views
Space Efficiency Space Efficiency

Staffed Lobby

Exclusive Entrance

The unmistakeable signature of the architects, high-quality materials and balanced lighting make the lobby of the WESTEND SKY exactly what you would expect from a first-class address: an imposing and prestigious location with an impressive atmosphere. Free from excess and attitude, the lobby helps to enhance your company’s image. This is where your name will stand – and where your visitors will enjoy a friendly welcome before proceeding to the conference rooms, the restaurant, or up to the roof terrace or your offices. Simply follow your aspirations.
The generous architecture and inspiring interior ensure that visitors enjoy a stylish reception and provide an appropriate backdrop for interesting discussions and encounters.

  • Westend Sky Lobby
  • Westend Sky Lobby
  • Westend Sky Lobby
  • Westend Sky Lobby
  • Westend Sky Lobby

Public Restaurant

480 sqm Agreeable Ambience

A comfortable spot by the window or outside on the terrace, accompanied by an espresso and a tasty snack? The WESTEND SKY restaurant, which is open to the public, will satisfy every need and requirement. The stylish and spacious ambience can be used for a relaxed break or a varied experience. Just as you wish.
Booking: 069/94 94 72 64

  • Westend Sky Bistro
  • Westend Sky Bistro bequeme Plätze
  • Westend Sky Bistro
  • Westend Sky Bistro außen
  • Westend Sky Bistro außen

Conference Rooms

510 sqm of space for comfortable conferencing

The conference rooms on the ground floor, which are fitted with state-of-the-art technology, offer an ideal environment for events. Planned exclusively for tenants and with flexible partitioning as required, attendees can enjoy the culinary delights of the in-house restaurant.

  • Westend Sky Konferenzraum

Panoramic Views

368 sqm including roof terrace

On top of the world – with a near-panoramic view. Freedom comes as standard in the stylish office level on the 13th floor. Enjoy the spectacular views of the banking district and the Taunus mountains.

Flexible occupancy options

Decidedly Desirable – 15,736 sqm

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